Day # 5: No Acropolis for US!!

  Woke up with a phone call from my friend Heitor, who was already in Athens a day before I arrived. It was time to meet up with my co-worker (we worked together at Bosch in Germany).
Once we only had 2 nights in the Capital of Greece, we decided to take a quick look in the Archeological Museum (which is right in front of the Acropolis). We heard that the Acropolis (which means “highst point of a city”) would close at 3pm (winter hours), so after learninng a bit more about the local history and sitting down for a coffee at the Museum’s Terrace (with a majestic view of the Parthenon and the city of Athens) it was time to rush into the Acropolis. What we weren’t expecting in such a warm winter day was that actually everyone should be out of the Acropolis site before 2:30pm!! Which means? Souvenir time!!

I managed to haggle a lot in Greece! Actually like in Istambul, you can easily lower the prices at local shops. We bargained so much that we got lost! My phone went dead and we realized we were in the middle of a Greek cooking event!! No kidding! Lots of free drinks and food !! #FAZENDOGORDICE

After that, was time to get the local cuisine experience, with a legit Greek salad and Pita Gyros.This is a traditional quick dish of the locals, definitely not healthy, but once again I was willing to pay the price for saving the economy and finding excuses to inject some money and save the Greek banks…

I got back to my friend’s, feeling not so well and my host took me to the hospital on his motorbike. We drove around the Acropolis by (full of light during the night), and even tough I was worried as hell about going to a Greek doctor, I managed to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in my whole life. It’s like being back thousands of years in time when you look up and see the Acropolis shining on top of the city

But arriving at the hospital I had a really bad impression on the Greek public health care system, and it also made me see how the crises really afected one of the first nations in the world. Anyhow, it was time to face the truth: WHY, for Pete sake’s, couldn’t I pee for 2 days?? Answer: Bladder Infection, which in Greek means NO ALCOHOL or PARTIES or HARDCORE activities. I am really ok with no drinking and patying, but NO SPORTS and GYM for 10 days? I don’t think I’ll take it…

Tomorrow, first thing will be going to a pharmacy and buying the antibiotics. This time it is REALLY a matter of trust once neither in Portuguese or English I happen to understand a doctor’s handwriting, who will imagine it in GREEK! But no other choice…

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